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Group Application

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Group Rules

Group Visit Application:
Click [Download], fill in the group visit application form and send it to to complete the application. For more information, please call 86-10-85229509.
●No less than 6 people (including 6 people) as a group.
●We’ll send Visitor’s Badges to you free of charge by post before the exhibition to improve your efficiency and avoid queuing up at the venue.
●According to your trade demand, you’ll be provided with the one-to-one accurate trade matching service, an exclusive visiting route planning to save your time.
●Have priority to booking all kinds of activities on the venue and get first-hand fashion industry information.
●Receive a Visitor’s Guide on the venue free of charge.
●A group of more than 40 people who travel by bus, have the privilege to apply for a Bus Pass and park for free.
If you are a group of more than 6 people (including 6), please fill in the form and send it to the host’s designated email address. Your group will be registered after review. The exclusive visitor’s badges will be sent to you by post two weeks before the exhibition.
Note: It’s required to list all visitors’ mobile numbers and their names, and names cannot be repeated.

Exhibition Time

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CHIC regards "improving the efficiency of exhibition" as its top priority. According to different business and trade needs of exhibitors and visitors in various exhibition areas, CHIC will organize different types and forms of trade matching activities accordingly, and strive to meet the business and trade needs of exhibitors and visitors more precisely during the 3-day exhibition period.

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