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The number one single product has a thousand faces of splendor


Hot summer and perfect out of the street? How to achieve both refreshing, fashionable, but also simple and fast trend matching? Choose the right bag and shoes to make you relaxed and beautiful all summer.


Every girl is born with "five elements without bags", and medicine is not cured, only "bags can cure all diseases", to say that girls love bags, just like fish see water, which is very happy.


Perfect LOOK is not only a well-matched combination of clothes. In the selection of the bag, it shows your fashionable ''careful machine''. Among the many bag styles, the "Queen", which has sold well this summer, is the only one-the chain bag. It is not as bulky as a big bag, much less like the mediocrity of a general package, and a chain is enough to show it with elegant, generous, simple and fashionable charm.


CHANEL is famous for its small fragrant chain bag, and the classical package is popular so far.


Big brands such as LV and Burberry also use chain bags as the main driver of this year.


The chain pack is absolutely a hundred layers of NO.1. Whether it is a light summer or a heavy winter, the chain bag always has a good effect on the whole body. Whether it's paired with casual shoes, fine high heels, or casual sandals, you can always collide with the chain pack to make your fashion UPUPUP!


Small white shoes and chain bag collocation is simple and generous, not only mature women elegant generous, but also young girls lively and relaxed, which is simply fairy collocation.


High heels chain bag collocation can be described as a strong joint. High heels outline the beautiful curve of women, and chain bag sets off a full feminine flavor, so this is the standard dress of the goddess.


Whether it is bag or shoe, it is a necessary fashion item in daily wearing. In addition to its own functionality, changing modeling is an important medium to highlight taste and interpret attitude. When the idea of self-fashion is fully externalized, we can create more possibilities of fashion, which is the core theme of the luggage and shoes exhibition area.




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