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Selling clothes on China Online Shop Platform


China has grown for a long time and been famously known for producing and exporting low cost manufactured products to the West. However, there’s been a transition and nowadays media and larger corporations focus on the Chinese consumer market.


This doesn’t mean that small or medium sized companies can’t enter the Chinese market, in fact, there are great opportunities to sell clothes on online retail platforms like Tmall and JD.


Selling clothes on Tmall Global


China is becoming more and more digitized and is well ahead of other countries.


In fact, when I lived in China, I rarely used cash or cards, my mobile phone was the substitute (paying through my Wechat wallet or Alipay). If you plan to sell clothes to China, online platforms are the places to be nowadays.  


So: which online platforms are the most popular ones in China?


Even if there are comparably smaller companies that will grow for sure the coming years, the two biggest online platforms are:

Tmall Global (Tianmao)

JD (Jingdong)


Tmall (previously called Taobao Mall) makes up over 50% of the market shares in China, and frequently talked about among foreign online retailers.   


One of the most sought after products on the website is in fact clothes & apparels, if you plan to export to China, you should definitely have a look at this site.


JD on the other hand is more focused on kitchen appliances and other electronic products (hence, Tmall is probably the best choice for you).


A great thing worth mentioning about both JD and Tmall is that you don’t need to have a local company in China to start selling your products.


Other websites that are on the rise, and you shouldn’t neglect, are: YangMaTou, Yihaodian and Suning.


What to consider when selling clothes on Tmall Global


If you plan to sell on Tmall Global, you need to understand how to set up a store and the costs involved.


Be prepared to deposit USD 25.000 and pay a yearly fee of around USD 10.000. On top of that, you need to add a 0.5-5% commission fee (based on sales value).


For more information about your particular product, I advise you to look for the latest up-to-date information on Tmall’s website).


Requirements when selling clothes on Tmall Global


If you’ve decided to sell clothes on Tmall Global, you need to fulfill different requirements depending on which store type you choose.


Below I’ve listed the types of stores you can choose and the requirements:


Flag Ship store:

a. You’re the owner of the brand or have been granted permission from the brand owner to sell his or her clothes on Tmall Global


b. Your store sells and represent a single brand


c. Your store sells and represent several brands (need separate approval from Tmall)


d. Your store sells and represent a multi-brand marketplace (need separate approval from Tmall)


Authorized store:

a. You’re the owner of the brand or have been granted permission from the brand owner to sell his or her clothes on Tmall Global


b. You’ve permission to sell clothes from one brand. Or, you sell clothes from multiple brands, under the same entity (requires separate approval from Tmall)


Specialty store:

a. You sell products of several brands that are of the same product category (clothing / textiles).


b. You sell several brands that are not owned by you


c. You sell products from a brand owned by you and products from a brand not owned by you


d. You sell products from several brands that you own


Selling clothes on JD


JD (an abbreviation for Jingdong, which means Kyoto in Chinese) is the second biggest online retail platform in China.


Even if JD is more focused on electronics and other appliances, many people make decent money on selling clothes on the website as well.


To start selling your products on JD, you need to meet the following requirements:


a. Have a registered company outside China


b.  A trade license and retail outside China


c. Same as with Tmall, you need to be the owner of the brand or be authorized to sell its products


d.  Product details to be written in Mandarin


e. You need to have a Chinese customer service available


f. Your products need to be shipped within a time period of 72 hours, after your customer put the order


g. You need to have a local center where products can be returned in China


For more information , please pay attention to CHIC Shanghai.


Source: export2asia.com

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