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Online celebrities economy


The online celebrities economy has made great development. The relationship between the brand and the online celebrities has changed greatly, and the most important thing is how the consumer will deal with the above relationship.


The recent revelations of internet celebrity robots, zombie powder and data privacy will cause consumers to suffer from aesthetic fatigue about the glamorous "paid lifestyle". The pressure from transparency has ushered in a new era in which brands should focus on long-term relationships with their product's image ambassadors rather than one-time or short-term co-operation.


Two different groups are gradually formed: ultra-real and super-numeric. However, there is no mutual challenge between the two, but the cultivation of true transparency. The virtual reality network celebrity list is the same for the complexity of the environment blowing a ray of breeze.


Lil Miquela, a virtual internet celebrity, became famous after he was named guest editor of Dazed.com and became the spokesperson for Ugg's autumn and winter marketing campaign. In Ugg's activities, she and model Adwoa Aboah appear online and offline, to finish real and virtual for a common purpose.


Reverence for truth, imperfection and honesty is becoming a hot trend, even if all of this comes from "design" or deliberate action. When it comes to online celebrities, the most successful brands should focus on consistency and good brand fit, focusing on the quality of interaction rather than simply pursuing fan numbers.



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