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New pattern of pluralistic market


Sports brands, fast fashion brands, casual clothing brands in the children's clothing market want to get a piece of the market, and performance can be seen.


As the overall size of the children's clothing brand in the domestic market is relatively small, and the industry-leading brand has not yet been determined, it has given the sports brand great market space, coupled with the liberalization of the policy of single two-child, and the market has further expanded and expanded its capacity. Many adult sports brands take children's clothing business as one of the group's important strategies.


ANTA's "ANTA KIDS" and "FILA KIDS", the local sports brands that pioneered the children's wear market, have been strong. ANTA continued to improve the layout of the multi-brand matrix, acquired the famous Hong Kong children's wear brand KINGKOW, and opened the children's sporting goods market multi-brand strategy, covering professional sports to mass sports, from high-end leisure to urban walking, to meet the needs of different consumers.


In fact, not only sports brands covet the children's clothing industry, fast fashion brand Uniqlo, ZARA, GAP, H&M, and leisure clothing brands such as Senma, Taiping Bird, Metz Bonway, Jiangnan cloth, and so on, all want to get a piece of the children's wear market.


Whether it is ANTA or Senma, more and more companies, through mergers and acquisitions, have a diverse and rich portfolio of children's clothing brands ranging from mass to high-end positioning, and have the ability to enter and operate markets in major Asian markets as well as in other international markets, and has a global supply chain layout.

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