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CHIC: young posture contains everything


Witnessed the development of China's clothing industry and fashion industry, but also with a brand-new posture and face to interpret the contemporary commercial diversity, and in a positive way to affect the clothing industry and related industries of the various links of the CHIC, is also born in 1993, a post-90s, and CHIC is young!


Lively and fashionable visual image, face up to the exhibition declaration of oneself, and constantly update the fashion brand. CHIC, as a 27-year-old young man, has beating thinking, vitality, creativity, sense of humor. But there is a close to the age of calm and stable, including accurate business docking, efficient order negotiation, resource integration. Young and stable, lively and business, seemingly different characteristics have been integrated in the CHIC.


More innovation and integration will be extended at the back-to-self chic show. Not only for co-financing, but for other unexpected collaborations and extensions will yield bumper harvests and pleasures on CHIC. September 25-27, CHIC2019 (autumn). Joint creativity and self, waiting for you to come.



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