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Garbage extraction


Do you dare to wear materials extracted from upgraded plastic waste intercepted from Maldivian beaches and coastal communities? Adidas's Ocean theme Joint shoes Adidas × Parley Ultra Boost, launched today, is based on Parley Ocean Plastic, even to promote awareness of environmental protection, calling for marine protection extracted from garbage materials, but also instantly turned into trendy shoes.


Adidas Marine Environmental Protection Series has not only running shoes, but also jerseys. In a Bayern Munich game against Real Madrid in late 2016, players on both sides wore jerseys made of 308 marine plastic garbage collection.


Rothy's, flat soles, an environmentally friendly women's shoe brand from the United States, make it unique among women's shoe brands. More specifically, these chic flat-soled shoes are made of recyclable plastic bottles and other recyclable materials. In addition, Rothy's uses 3D knitting patented technology to reduce the waste generated in the manufacturing process from an average of 35 per cent to less than 5 per cent, and all shoes are machine-washable. Since its inception, Rothy's has recycled more than 20 million plastic bottles from landfills and converted them into women's flat-soled shoes, casual shoes and sneakers.


In the fashion world, FREITAG is obviously an alternative, and many buyers of FREITAG relish the process from scrap to bag, touching scratches and wear on the FREITAG bag. Reminiscent of the stories they once told-with trucks flying along the highway, weather and rain, wind, frost, and snow, and they regained their lives. There is no concept of "current season" and "outdated" in FREITAG. The galloping trucks on European roads represent their popularity.



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