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The white shirt becomes stylish


How many people have a white shirt, even a lot of them, in the closet?


Before going out with a phobia of choice, many people will pick up a white shirt and wear it directly on them, or will they still pick up a white shirt after a full-bed dress test-up?


Since ancient times, white shirts have been the first choice for classic models. Whether in the workplace, play, formal occasions or even fashion shows, white shirts and other clothes with excellent matching can not only reflect the fresh temperament of the wearer, but also show a different sense of fashion, and successful out of the mirror also can be shortlisted in the "most hold living list".


From more than a decade ago, the white shirt was only used as the basic model, to the later fabric, layout, details of all kinds of improvements. From the past is just a simple black skirt, trousers, to today's internal lap, external lap, reverse wear, a word of shoulder. White shirts are always loved by women of all ages and professions.



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