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New department store + new experience


As ecommerce gradually divides the market share of offline department stores, it is difficult for stores to obtain advantages in terms of price and style, so they turn to build a diversified experience and more humanized service.


SKP, which adheres to the operation rules of department stores, is sparing no effort to demonstrate its strength in space experience, scene construction and service promotion. The atrium layout flashes, the outdoor garden overlooks the south gate, the lounge rest area is staggered, and the guidance system of each floor is unified. According to Japanese service standards to train purchasing guides, shopping malls to buy clothes become a kind of enjoyment. It is worth mentioning that during the celebration period, SKP arranges special staff to deliver drinks and food to consumers in line to alleviate the fatigue of customers while waiting.


In addition to service, new technology has also brought a new shopping experience for brand stores and shopping malls. Taking ZARA as an example, after a year of operation pilot, Beijing Xidan Da Yuecheng, Blue Harbour and so on of the AR virtual fitting in 137 ZARA stores across the country, such as Hesheng Huihui, has enabled consumers to experience new technologies that are different from online shopping. Consumers can scan the bar code of the store and see the panoramic view of the model on the mobile terminal, and can be purchased directly on ZARA app.


In addition to the technology experience, offline stores are also trying to divert online consumers, drainage into physical stores. At the same time, they also work part-time Taobao anchor, and they will introduce the goods and online live broadcast all the time at the same time. Each corner, such as shop industrial style and metal style decoration, is a photo background wall, and the store has become a trendy fashion card place, for shopping injected with social attributes, spontaneous spread among the customer group.



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