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Male consumption awakening


During the National Day holiday in 2018, toxic App overtook Taobao, JD.com, and ranked fourth in Apple's APP Store free download list and No. 1 in sports download rankings, becoming the largest online shopping platform, Black Horse, last year. According to Analysys Qianfan, the number of active users per month of toxic App reached 1.4 million in March this year.


In the capital market, toxic App has become a hot spot, so far it has completed three rounds of financing, investors are not lack of Taxus, DST, Gaorong and other well-known institutions.


According to previous reports by lazy bear sports, toxic App is now valued at more than $1 billion, with few outside investors entering, and is likely to have plans to go public directly.


In addition to toxic, the existing goods also went online the sneakers trading community "available UFO" at the end of last year , cutting into the secondary sneakers market (shoes resale is also known as the secondary market for sneakers), and the first day of online trading volume exceeded one million yuan. According to YOHOO! Liang Chao, the group's CEO, forecasts that UFO's business growth could reach 300% and 500% in 2019.


"For a Aj1 that is about to go on sale, I took a train from school to the gate of Raifus, Chengdu, and lined up all night in the wind and rain. After drawing lots and robbing shoes, I went to another city at 6: 00 in the morning to prepare for my shoes. On the way, I learned that I had not won the lottery, and I bought a ticket to return to the station. " Bajie concluded, "Boys are crazy about shopping. There's nothing wrong with girls."


Among the shoes purchased by Bajie, the lowest unit price is about 1000 to 2000 yuan, while most of the multiple engraved limited edition is about 8000 yuan. He said the cost of buying shoes had not been carefully calculated over the years, "but tens of thousands of dollars a year must be there."


In China, men with high consumption (that is, online spending is more than 1000 yuan) and men with better mobile shopping behavior have about 87 million monthly active users, according to QuestMobile. Among them, under the age of 30, unmarried men are the main force, they are the favorite group to buy.


"The economic and cultural conditions in which they grow up determine that their understanding of consumption is relatively mature, and their demand is more personalized. For emerging brands and even domestic brands, they are not excluded at all, which brings very good opportunities to the trendy ecommerce platform." Xu Ying, managing partner of Xiangfeng Investment, said.



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