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Adapting to the future


The great importance that attached to the urban utility model promotes the boundary between outdoor technology and high-tech materials, and creates a future investment product with luxury texture.


The core product of Samuel Ross's Nike x A-C-W * capsule series is a refactorial stitched Parker coat whose unlined experimental nylon material can vary with wear.


The recent emergence of the NASA series is in line with the growing interest of consumers in past and future science fiction practical topics, including Vans, Monkeytime, Anicorn, Heron Preston and IKEA.


At the recent 2019 early autumn Dior men's wear Tokyo catwalk show, Kim Jones combined Japanese futurist visual language with Dior's traditional suit and Gao Ding, and hired ALYX's Matthew Williams to design highly respected belts and accessories clasps.


The men wear market has been focusing on practical tools and military uniforms for a long time. For some consumers, spending money on technology coats is just as important as buying a car, and the concern and practical value of the technology itself is equally important.


The futurist concept of modular wardrobe and the technical unit layer suitable for any weather become a concept that is not far away and will become more and more important beyond the field of sportswear.



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