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The ending for men clothing


The sustained attention of the media and the government to sustainable development keeps news and consumers focused on this theme. However, the huge workload coupled with the fear of being accused of false public relations by consumers makes it difficult for many brands to take the first step.


In fact, the complexity of the problem also brings opportunities, different starting points will be applied to different brands and creative methods, and the real challenge is to choose and adhere to.


Danning brand Ullac is working to extend the life of clothing. If a dress is worn more than 300 times, social media posts prove that the company will trade the order for old and new.


Samuel Ross integrated his design concept into the Nike x A-C-W * capsule series, and removed the UV coating from the sneakers and introduced the old process. "We should also focus on the life cycle of the product and discuss environmental protection," he said. "It's not about buying and replacing the product, it's about living with it."


When the process is driven by real motivation and openness, it can become an opportunity for brand education and interaction to guide dialogue with consumers and promote change.



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