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Wear-joint culture


Joint partnerships continue to be popular and have gradually shifted from trends to key business strategies. The combination of joint name and irregular new product delivery mode promote the development of products and consumer demand, and stand out from the increasingly noisy digital media.


And who is the right partner? For increasingly shrewd and sophisticated men wear consumers, the real product DNA is the key, and joint partnerships should be part of a long-term strategy to create meaningful brand extension.


Luxury outdoor brand Moncler attributed 27 percent of its revenue growth in the first half of 2018 to a new Genius series concept based entirely on joint ventures.


Today's limited edition fashion product replaces the previous black tape cover and bedroom poster, and becomes a symbol of cultural identity.


Combine fashion, culture and brand cognition organically choose a joint cooperation that can truly reflect the culture and inspiration behind the product, so as to deepen the participation and experience of consumers.





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