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A crowd of trendy people


"Chao" is no longer a new word, "Chao Man" is not uncommon, and even if you buy clothes on the ecommerce platform, you have to add the word "Chao" to your search. According to the 2018 China Chao Brand trend Analysis report released by OFashion and Nielsen, the growth rate of Chao brand consumption is 3.7 times that of ordinary brands, with a growth rate of 62 percent, while the non-tide brand consumption growth rate is 17 percent. The number of Chao brand consumers has outpaced the non-tide brand for two years in a row.


Why is the tide card so popular? Domestic trendy people are initially minority groups, and domestic clothing lack of this category, so trendy players can only choose imported trendy brand. In recent years, the cultural barriers of western learning to the east have melted, and the national tide has also risen because of the trend. Among them, the post-95th generation is the main consumer group of the tide brand, and most of the teenagers singing Hiphop are rebellious. As long as the board is free, the Japanese tide powder advocates simplicity and even a little sorrow.


"The tide is not just about Logo and star models." Chao brand owner Daydreamer denied the behavior of blindly following the big brand trademark, "trend is an attitude, style." It seems to me that the combination of LV bags, Vans or skateboarding shoes, plus a pure white T-shirt, luxury goods, fast fashion and trendy cards is as trendy. "


The trendy brand is naturally suitable for showing off on social media, not only because of the culture and design elements behind it, but also because its rarity gives rise to dopamine, which gives rise to consumers. And the traffic of social APP has attracted KOL, to show off and even lead new trends in the online community.



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