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An invisible photographer


The cleverness of smart stores is also reflected in the interactive process between consumers and goods.


The clothing of the heart instrument is seen, and the customer tries to try on the mirror before the mirror with the intelligent photographing device "Zhi Libao" under the simulated outdoor light, and the "Zhi Libao" record image and the customer scanning code keep the photo for the alternative.


"Zhiqingbao" is a famous plane intelligent photography production equipment launched by Guangzhou Zhiqingbao Photography Technology Co., Ltd., which is a leading professional field in the world. "Zhiqingbao" has a multi-scene template, whether characters or goods, which can shoot the whole body without anyone operating, shoot close-up, and this is also the first image standardization product in China.


"The wider use of Zhiqingbao is also reflected in helping brands save the time and cost of advertising." Fan Hua, founder of Zhiqingbao, said. Traditional advertising is operated by people, and the same equipment is very different because of the pictures taken by photographers. "For the movement of people and time constraints, we have to solve the photo link of the industry pain point." It took Fan Hua six years to build an intelligent photography system that provides solutions to different requirements for businesses or individuals. In addition to the investment in the Smart Store, "Smart Regent" also has to build a future unmanned image museum, the intelligent age in the film is not far away from us.



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