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Intelligent stores in the 5G era


With the popularization of science and technology in many aspects of people's life, traditional clothing retail stores are being replaced by smart stores.


Such as robot model, virtual fitting mirror, face recognition and so on, smart devices everywhere are an essential part of building smart stores.


The 5G era has come, and the relationship between people, goods and farms is changing dramatically.


In the commercial store, the window display, which first represents the brand grade and style, is the most persuasive visual business card for consumers.


There has been no significant change in the form of commercial display in China in the past 20 years. A store, several models, a number of shelves, uniform lights, and salespeople, the traditional store have been unable to meet the consumer's sense of experience and sensory requirements.


"New retail is two words, quick and good. The online store relies on big data to solve the problem, and we are responsible for helping the shopping environment of physical stores get better and better. " Cai Xiaoqiang, general manager of Waljia (Quanzhou) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., introduced the company's exclusive global intelligent robot model marketing in more than 50 countries, breaking the awkward situation of the division between traditional clothing stores, goods and farms. "On the one hand, quickly integrate consumers into the store atmosphere, more importantly, display the characteristics of the goods in a limited space in an all-round way."


"The consumer is generally in a blind spot, and they doesn't know which thing is good or where it is." Shoes and clothing can show functions under the action of high simulation robot, such as wear resistance, pilling resistance, air permeability, bending resistance and elasticity, etc., to understand your product advantages, and consumers are easier to pay for.


"Intelligent robots can speak, recognize faces, and promote sales through all aspects of experience. So our robots are called promotional robots, helping businesses generate huge sales."


Walka has long been the exclusive supplier of Nike, Adidas, Zara, seven wolves, nine animal husbandry kings and other high-quality brands. A group of "post-80s" and "post-90s" research teams have the best insight into young people's preferences for the consumer environment and insist on technological innovation. They are making retail business more vivid and interesting.




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