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Other classic men's wear at A / W


Video game hero


The nostalgic theme reviews the 1970 s games and youth culture, highlighting the classic fashion elements of the past. The box-type design elements draw on the game technology, electronic, automobile and fashion design in the late 20th century. Extra large silhouette, panels and print display an attitude. Sport and exquisite pieces are here, in line with the concept of ''dress'' at that time.  


Punk principle


Punk styling has long been a shortcut to rebellious design, and in 2021, the style was upgraded to a more concise and refined trend. The grid is presented with splicing and printing, combined with a sense of quantity, showing a young appearance. Suits and elegant items are key elements, which carefully matched with pierced jeans and crocheted sweaters. Safety pins, badges and prints are cleverly embellished to naturally break punk's chaotic rules and form a delicate costume.


Global wind transmission


Cold wind and old father style focus on western aesthetics and show a more global perspective. The refined pieces that Dad or Grandma wore became a key part of the look, especially Bessi. Thinking of a classic with high-end fabric to add new elements to your sports piece. Retro and durable products complement each other with new trendy products. Using patterns, prints and fasteners from different cultures to show diversity from a global perspective.


Luxury dinner


The recently popular Baroque theme promotes elegant styling through exquisite and publicized elements. The craftsmanship and elements with metal luster add charm to the elegant suit. Soft thin silk, jacquard, Lulux fabric, velvet and flocking are the key elements. Making old faded colors embellished with monochromatic suits, shirts with exquisite oriental fabrics, and translucent knitting or ornate details like armor.


Ingenious upgrading and reengineering


Exquisite handicraft products and technologies create an unique design for rational utilization of resources. Look for beauty and fashion elements from the mix, and embrace creative expression and personality. Consider how to develop consumer sustainability and environmental awareness through your series.




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